Thursday, 2 November 2006

In Search for God

My friend V told me there was this radio programme. John Humphreys is conversing to Rowan Williams genuinely asking Rowan Williams to convinced him concerning the existence of God...

Please try to listenfrom here or download the conversation in word document

The key question is not a matter of believing a God, like how you believe a fact or statistics given to you, it's about knowing A BEING in a relationship, and let the relationship grow :
" The knowledge that comes, that grows if you like through a relationship. I believe I commit myself, I accept what God gives me, I try to accept what God gives me. Grow in that relationship and you grow in a kind of certainty or anchorage in the belief. Knowledge well yes of a certain kind yes, but not acquaintance with a particular fact or a particular state of affairs, it's the knowledge that comes from relation and takes time"

Do you believe you are the object of an UNCONDITIONAL LOVE?

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