Friday, 17 November 2006

Have you noticed

I spent £25 cutting my hair, thinking that my new hair cut will be noticed by many .. unfortunately, not many noticed...

My mind sort of extrpolate this to philosophy :

What you see in others reflects who you are, say i admire Mrs A who is a career woman( just an example, i am not career minded). The reason maybe because she is the projection of my inner desire.

Some people are blind, ie they don't notice the strength of people that they dislike, because they have been blinded by their own bias and own interpretation of that person.

In my own life, i admire Mother Theresa.. maybe because i am a person who hold on to values like serving the poor and the sick...

My point is, What you see is a reflection of who you are, and HOw you see/interpret is also a reflectino of yourself. What makes you tick? What makes you angry? What makes you tear?

That will shed some light on the values that you hold onto in life.

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