Monday, 20 November 2006

A day at Southampton

Few weeks ago, Albert drove me to Southampton to meet up with my close friend, pastor V and Y to pass her my brother’s camera as she was flying back to KL. We spent half the day with V and his idols.

Let me tell you about his idols. Basically, he sleeps with them, you can find them every corner of his flat. He started his idols collection since 10 years ago. His “idols” are his collection of theological books! He has commentaries from Genesis to Revelation. He love the feel of books in his hands. According to him, he can tell whether it’s a good book or not just by holding it in his hands. He can tell if anyone has touched his books upon his return. He will be going home for sometime, and I has offered to provide storage space at our house. He too, has kindly entrusted us with his collection.

So we spent the rest of the afternoon grouping books, tying knots as shown in the picture. It was good fun. V said using string to transport the books is the best and lightest way, compared to boxes. Our car boot was full of books.

We are all geared up for distance learning in theology now. Albert and I have applied to Spurgeon college for level one distance learning in theology. Now we have to rearrange our study room and may need to buy a shelf for the “idols”.

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