Monday, 30 October 2006

Vikipedia- V the initial of my friend who said the below

“I am not IN a mess. I am part of the mess”

“I woke up this morning and thought what a mess I am...thank God for his grace”

“i don't think relationship can heal putting smashed mirror back together. there are always lines...but love works with those lines "

“Must not say it is greater things...serving the Lord in any and every way is very great even giving a glass of water to the least.”

“Hermeneutics is not interpretation but about the assumptions we bring to the is a bit like do we know what we know...
So hermeneutics makes us more aware of why we interpret the way we interpret and hence we do what we do. In other words, who we are affects what we understand

Text and people are quite need to read them and interpret them...people stop listenning (to both text and people) and give standard answers because they have already decided they understood the text and people...for such people they have stopped listenning to people and the each time they read the text they merely uses the text to reinforce their ideas rather than allow the text reform their that's why people who blurp out standard answers often are not good listeners”

“This is what I think...many Christians are not happy with their jobs...yet they are unwilling to leave it to go fulltime into Christian training and ministry where I am sure they will find a greater sense of satisfaction and fulfillment (not saying that it will not be difficult) than they will ever have in their current job (notice I didn't use secular)...”

“if he doesn't do his engineering jobs there will be loads of people fighting for his post...but there is always a need for workers in God's harvest field...who will go?”

“basically Simone Weils says this...prayer is the highest form of vocation...prayer needs concentration...studies (anything that is demanding) train our ability to concentrate..we study to train our concentration so that we can concentrate better in prayer... ...nearness to God is found in suffering, poverty, oppression she says...but her point causes us to rethink what education is...she says then the aim is not so much about say solving a mathematical problem but the concentration and effort we put in to solve it. So concentration is as good as solving it...sounds familiar...we don't reward people for effort in school...It is the wrestling that trains our concentration.”

“the will can be see "Love God with all your heart" Hebrew heart is the seat of thoughts and willl...hard work is involved in loving God with all your even studying subjects in which we have no interest in can have a positive outcome since it trains our concentration/will”

with all your hearts...means the thought and will...with all your soul...means life...with all your stregth...literally in Hebrew is with all your very much....add them all together love God excessively...go over the top (words of Chris Wright)...we do other things, weddings, work...why not love God excessively

Last but not least,

“I don't want to marry someone that I have to explain my jokes”

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