Monday, 9 October 2006

The pride of my Primary school

Another Chung Kwok Elite

Preface: For the attention of Le Xin

It all started on 17th of September, where I attended a Christian music artist group call Streams of Praise in EEC church. The hall was full of people, about 1000 people singing and praising God.
People will say it coincidence, I will say that God is good because I believe He engineer circumstances and makes all things beautiful in His time.

Of the 1000 people, and of all the hundreds of rows in the hall, Yue Siew, who arrived earlier saved two seats for me and Albert. At the end of the session, I turned and saw Ming, a friend of mine whom I got to know when I first attended King�s Cross Methodist Church. He is a Malaysian, and was doing his PhD in imperial college on crystals of paracetamol, ( chemical engineering, ohh same field as Le xin). Because he lives in Kepong, on one occasion, he has kindly agreed to be my courier man. My mum met him to and commented that he is good looking.

So I saw him and I was surprised because we have lost touch for a while and he jokingly said that I didn�t invite him to my wedding. I sincerely apologised as I truly have forgotten to invite him, as we have lost touch for a while. He updated me that he is going to Holland to work with Shell for good, and will be leaving London. We exchange numbers and agreed to meet up before he leaves London.

We met last Saturday over lunch and started to catch up. We talked about chinese churches in London, his anxieties about starting again in Holland, ministry and our roles in church, our �jack of all trades , master of none� in the context of fluency languages as a Malaysian helping out in translation in church services etc.. then I asked him which was his primary school.

�Chung kwok,� he answered.

"Chung Kwok !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I replied.

Oh my�.. he is two years my junior. I was so happy.. just this bliss of discovering that we were mini alumni ( yeah very mini). I told him I am very proud that I am from Chung Kwok and he commented that the school was biased toward the �T� class ( which was where I was from). I smiled.

All those wonderful memories of finishing my Chinese homework underneath the table during afternoon English lessons, of skipping ropes, basketball , having 10 cent green coloured lolly at 730am, waking up at 6 am and waiting for Fern Thee�s dad to pick me from Warta Selayang, the mega traffic jam in the morning and rushing not to be late for school.

I told him it is definitely a great school, and has produced lots of elite, including me and him. *grin*

Then I asked about his secondary school ,ChungHwa.. he knows about Yik Yu then his college...Prime College.

A ha.. prime college, I mentioned few names like yue siew and le xin.. and.....

�I used to car pool with le xin to chung kwok � !!!! She was the librarian.�

�Yeah, she was my class monitor, pink shirt with light blue tie� I added.

What a laugh! Such a small world, or am I getting older? ( assuming that one�s circle of friends increase in size with age)

Ming has this interesting idea of wanting to live in a place surrounded by Chinese only. He denied that Malaysia is a place surrounded by Chinese, as we are the minority. Maybe he meant china or hong kong. My comment was this : � you look like them, but you are not like them�.
Chinese, but hong kong Chinese, China Chinese and Malaysia Chinese, they are different.

All in all, despite my not-so-pleasant memories of being the target of boycott in primary school, I have far more pleasant memories of my time in CK than the less pleasant ones. The best is 6T is still keeping in touch with each other.

That, I truly treasure and cherish.


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