Wednesday, 18 October 2006

no need for £30 vocal lesson

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Elaine is a gospel singer. She travels around the world, to different churches and sing of God’s goodness and His love. She has an amazing voice.

She stayed with us for the past 10 days during her trip in London. Well, I grabbed her for some bonus vocal lessons. I told her about my £30 per lessons. I told her it ‘s a one hour lesson with half an hour of warm up and the other half practising on a song. She listened to my voice and advised me. I know the theory, the breathing with diaphragm but I still fail to sing comfortably for high notes. She said I don’t have to pay through my nose for the lesson anymore.

I need to practice diligently and ONE fine day, I will be able to sing with expression and without “pulling the cow up the tree”- direct translation from Chinese saying.

I hope that ONE day will come sooner… before Albert complains of my high pitch voice now and again.

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