Monday, 9 October 2006

MSI mission meeting

Agreed to play the piano for a mission service in Church last Wednesday. It was a meeting on missions, and brief introduction on MSI- founder Hudson Taylor.

The president, Matthew, shared his journey, from a surgeon to a full time in mobilisng christians to mission field. Tim, shared another model, where he is a full time Accident and Emergency head of department in Hong kong ( he is a british) and still having a heart for missionaryin China.

Matthew shared the two "ism" : Romanticism and Careericsm. We tend to romanticise the notion of mission. Leaving your luxury and going to a place of poverty and sharing the love of Christ. The reality is it's hard work, cross-cultural and persevering in doing good works even though locals do not like you. Careerism, some people insist on keeping their career in the mission field. " I am a surgeon, so i must practice my skills in China. "

God uses people who are available to God, not people who have talents. In rural areas in china, some foreign doctors help the local people to build toilets to prevent cholera etc.

It was a reminder for me. I don't have to be a doctor in order to participate in christian missions. I just need to be available to do anything for God and for the love of His people.

Don't mind building a toilet or digging a well.

At this point, i don't think my character is fit enough for that purpose. I have too many rough edges.

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