Monday, 9 October 2006

In google search for CKs emblem

What I google

I wanted to add Chung Kwok emblem for my previous post as an added image, so I went to Google Malaysia and google, but in vain. Instead, I found this blog in which the author attended SRJK Chung kwok and she wrote :

Primary school - S.J.K. (c) Chung Kwok. A tough semi-private Chinese school with Singaporean syllabus being taught in the compulsory afternoon classes. God I hated the Singaporean math syllabus. I copied answers for all the homework and when exams came and I failed miserably, my parents found out. Got a beating and needless to say, I was afraid and in the next exam, I was among the top three. And my love for math ended there, thank you. I have to be thankful to Chung Kwok, though, because in retrospect, it is a DAMN GOOD SCHOOL which laid the foundation for me to tackle the subsequent schooling

Well, I am thankful to my mum who chose the school for me, woke up at 5 am every morning, fed me with breakfast and prepared lunch for me and washed my school shoes for me.

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