Tuesday, 24 October 2006

Conflict in M Department

I was chatting with my close friend, who is a pastor who happened to make a comment :

you call people to cry.. you speak like you're not married yet, are things okay in marriage department?

That was the highlight of my weekend. I didn't call people to cry, the truth was i called after i cried my heart out and after pouring out to God.

What actually happened was...........

it's silly la... it's over food.. i didn't treat the food properly... i baked the chicken in the oven, then i took it out . My husband was super hungry. A hungry man makes a grumpy man. I assumed the chicken was cooked, but when i actually cut it, i realised it wasn't ! He was mad at me because of my negligence. Food is very important to my husband.

So he asked me to cook in the microwave. My intention was to put it back into the oven. He said micowave faster. He was impatient because of his hunger. Then i heated the left over rice from the fridge. I did something silly, i poured the juice from the baking tray (where the half-cooked chicken was baked) to the rice, because i wnated some gravy. The rice wasn't heated properly, common problem when using microwave in a hurry

He was very mad, he refused to heat the rice again, even though i offered again.

Few hours later, he had diarrhoea and his anger flared up!

Of course i apologised lar, he was too angry to speak to me then.

Then i felt like i was in a castle, "imprison" to my husband, friends in london whom i can speak to, then i miss my family, then i realised i had no spiritual support .. then with all those dots dots ....emotions stirred up..

but i believe that was a trigger of some ongoing issues ... i still miss home.. i still don't enjoy London much.

That's me at this stage.


  1. Oh, dear Irene. It seems every married couple have the same problem.

    Praying for you.
    But I am glad you don't have other families in London while you're cultivating young marriage life. So you have to give most of your emotions to your other half. He is the one who will spend life with you.

    My learning: Take away works sometimes.

  2. Hi there! I miss home too! Looking forward to bitching to you about London! ;)



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