Wednesday, 4 October 2006

Ann yong Haseyo ! ??????

This means hello in Korean.

I had my first evening language lesson on Monday. Quite romantic actually because Albert and I attend the same school, SOAS, just different classes. He is attending Mandarin. We felt so relax and I felt good being in university again. We bough Krispy kreme doughnut from Tesco and walked together to university. He waited for me after lesson and we took the tube home together.

My Korean teacher was alright, I was a bit impatient, typical of me. She speaks too slowly and she is teaching slowly as well. Anyway, just my personal comments which I meant to keep it to myself (and you).

At first I was quite embarrassed because I was the only oriental looking student in the whole class. The rest were Caucasians. Then, another oriental looking man came in. Four of the Caucasians learnt Korean because they have Korean wife. They were being �sent�.

The other oriental looking man was a korean by birth, but brought up in Japan.

Teacher asked me why I want to learn Korean. � Because Korean language when spoken is like singing� She smiled. �Isn�t that more like Chinese? Mandarin is like singing too�, she responded.

I am glad that I am a student�.i have always enjoyed studying ... hmnn I am entitled to student discount now?

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