Monday, 16 October 2006

16 th October

I can�t believe this is happening to me. I knew a month ago that I had this very important study day on 16th of October to attend, meaning I can�t wake up later, travel straight to the study venue, free lunch and finish early. I was lucky to get a place because this has high demand.

Ahem, having said that, I am sitting on my desk, at my office typing this.
Avni came at 2 30pm and said
� Woman, nutter, what are you doing here? You should be at the study day!"

� it�s on the 16th October (la) � I replied. Then, my eyes rolled� TODAY IS the 16th of October!"

This ain�t working man� I think I have to combine my work diary with my own personal diary ! The worst, since 9 am till now, I DIDN�T realise that I should be at the study day!

I am speechles� and I feel bad� what is done is done.. I shall not mourn over the past� huh?

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