Wednesday, 13 September 2006

Weekend of Madness

Last weekend was mad� it�s as if both Albert and I got married for the second time. Our church friend, Terry and Sammie had their wedding last Saturday, yeah 9th of September, good number for Chinese.. too bad it�s not the year of 2009. My goodness.. both Albert and I were so tired. It seems that the couple was more energetic than us, for obvious reason.. they survived on adrenaline and endorphine.. Albert was in charge of the sound system, meaning all the mic, instrument amplifier etc.. while I was the pianist for the worship.

We rushed to the church on Friday straight after work, caught up in traffic .. then Albert had to prepare all the mics etc� for the team.. then .. rehearsal started at 830 pm.. � slept at 2 am and had to wake up at 730am next morning � and dinner on Sunday.. and Monday.. oh my� .feels like a skeleton at work !

1am : we reached home. Albert insisted that his second wife- ie his car, needed a wash. My expression was �WHAT? YOU WASHING YOUR CAR NOW? NO ONE WILL NOTICE YOUR CAR� you are not the groom ! � He insisted.. he can�t bear the embarrassment of his car being dirty when he was one of the brothers on the groom�s side in �snatching� the bride.
We were dead hungry� didn�t you notice I didn�t mention food during the rehearsal? I cooked instant noodles. Instant noodles is such a joy in moments like this. Albert said eating instant noodles is a blessing. Indeed !

Highlight :
� This brilliant idea of CLONES� all the �brothers� wore a mask- which was the face of the groom.

� Games for the groom .. fairly easy I would say� the only challenge was the one that I was in charge: 9 seedless grapes embedded in a tray of whipped cream, the groom had to use his mouth to pick them., while the brother carried his leg above the ground.

� When the groom was asked to answer the question of � Why your wife like about you� His answer was different from his wife�s. The answer from his wife was this: � he is adorable, ie COMEL in Malay and KE AI in mandarin. I think that was hilarious.
  • I enjoyed playing the jazz-like style of the song �how great thou art� It really feels different playing with band and a grand piano� I felt I was alive when I played the piano. Yoohoo!!!

Another wedding this weekend, am the pianist.. except.. i am struggling very hard to play that Canon in Da ... so mega difficult !

sTILL hasn't recovered from sleep ...

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