Friday, 29 September 2006

Our sea urchin-like egg

Sunday Cell group 24TH September @ Polly�s place

We have cell group meeting once a month and we are part of the core group of church: 6 pairs: me and albert, Adrian & Christine plus 2 children, Terry and Sammie, Antony and Polly, James and April, Irene Lau and Rod.

We are a very interesting group.. I am the only Malaysia, rest all from HK.. lots of HK culture esp Karaoke and Cantonese humour. Hence, we always have fun and unceasing laughter is one of our main feature. Having said that, we do share honestly and update each other what we grow through, jobs, directions, disappointments, weakness and prayer support.

I said we are the core team because just among 12 of us there are :
1. Three pianists: Me, Christine and Polly
2. Five serving in sound systems ie PA system : Albert, Terry, Adrian, Antony and Rod
3. Five in worship team: Polly, Sammie, Irene Lau, me and Christine
4. Two church council members: Adrian and James
5. Three children church ministry: Adrian, Albert and I
6. Three sermon translator: April, Sammie and I
7. Two church treasurers: James and April

Let�s start with Adrian and Christine.. they are our heroes.. they were the one who initiated and invited all of us to meet. I guess we need each other and truly cherish out meetings because all of us are committed in serving God and His people.

Last Sunday, we had our get together at Polly�s place. As usual, we had an ice breaker game. We were split into two groups and were given One egg, 10 drinking straws and some sellotape. The aim is to thinks of ways in order to protect the egg from breaking when the judge drops it from the ceiling. Albert, James, Christine and I were in the same group. Initially, we thought of wrapping the egg with all the straws. Then, my intelligent, smart husband thought of a brilliant idea. We decided to keep the egg spiky, like porcupine or like sea urchin as my husband put it , with the straws. Albert and food, can�t separate them. We had raw sea urchin at Hokkaido during our honeymoon. It was amazingly sweet! Like syrup.

Outcome, we won.

Quite a simple teambuilding game, but I truly enjoyed it, and of course the great crowd. We also discussed the direction of our cell group, whether we should split and include new people who need support and fellowship like we do or stay �exclusive�.

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