Thursday, 28 September 2006


Last Friday, went to a Thai restaurant at Charing Cross with Sonia. Food was horrendous. Have you tasted a sweet tomyam soup? Well, actually I expected that it won�t be authentic, since we were surrounded by British, but that soup was beyond expectation, much worst.
Sonia is my faithful friend who shared most of my Msc moments in London few years ago. We used to fast during the day and break fast and prayed together in her room. She went home after her degree and came back to do her Msc and going home for good this Saturday. Like I said, London is a place like that. It�s a transition or stop �over. People come here for a purpose and when they found/ achieved it, they leave. Eventhough some stayed here longer than others, still they will not refer this as their Home. Interesting isn�t ?

Anyway, the topic revolves around what life is all about, what are we doing with our lives, what is our dreams, misery of not having one, quarter life crisis, are jobs meant to merely be a means to pay the bills? Etc�

She is leaving London, so are Polly and Antony � back to hk� three good friends of mine, and their departure are like placing a coma to our friendship, i hope one day we will continue the sentence again. But for now, i have "lost" them in a physical sense

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