Tuesday, 19 September 2006

Effort vs 1 minute perfomance

Last weekend-another wedding
Last Saturday I attended a wedding, same place , Hammersmith church� a bit of background on timeline of weddings�
June 10th Albert and Irene
20th August: Sandy and Wai
27th August: Andrew and Vivian
9th September: Terry and Sammie
16th September: Michael and Lisa

Same venue�
Felt like the same ceremony, just different characters�

Anyway, what I want to tell you is this : my effort of endless hours practising on the piano for this wedding (dated 16th September) was not well rewarded..

The story begins like this :
Prince Michael decided to marry Princess Lisa.. hence they want to have a party. So, how can you have a party without music? So they thought of Lazy Irene. Now, lazy Iriny as the name suggests, is well known for her laziness. She never practiced her piano pieces for her piano exams. Somehow, she got away with it all these years, managed to pass her piano exams, sometimes with results that surprised her teacher Since she finished her 8 years of classical piano school, she never played any classical pieces since. However, since prince Michael has kindly asked lazy Iriny to help out, she decided to start practising Canon in D and Wedding March.

�Canon in D is much more difficult, so I will spend more time practising this piece instead of wedding march( wedding march is a piece of cake)� Iriny noticed as she sat on the chair before the piano after the first session of 2 hours of non-stop practice( for once in her life since she left school 10 years ago!) Her wrist hurt� a feeling that she vaguely remembered when her teacher made her stayed back after piano lessons due to her laziness.So for the rest of the 3 weeks prior to the wedding, she practised and practised.. till her husband got bored, being ignored and fell asleep !

One week prior to the wedding, Prince Michael called Lazy Iriny to tell her that he no longer needs Canon in D for the recession of the bride after the ceremony. He felt the piece doesn�t suit the mood, too slow and too gentle. Hence, only Wedding March needed for the bride procession while she drags her wedding dress along the red carpet into the church hall.

�What? I practised for hours and ignored my husband, and now you tell me you don�t need it? � � Alright, Violet said you have to think from another perspective, right.. start again, it�s good that he no longer needs it, since I am not that confidence, save me some trouble.� Iriny thinks to herself. So, for the rest of the week, she took it easy and practised Wedding March. No sweat-lar.

One day prior to wedding� Iriny practised again and was confident that she will not embarrass herself.

16th September am: Iriny woke up to get ready for the wedding ceremony, and did some personal grooming. Just when she took the blade from the shelf, uncover the blade� *Ouch* fresh blood from her right thumb. Did I tell you that Iriny middle name is Clumsy? That�s the title appointed by her honourable husband. Cut was superficial but deeper than expected.
Plaster over the thumb.

Next, she reached into her make-up bag to apply some paint over her face. *OUCH* what was that? Another blade found in the make-up bag. Clumsy iriny forgot to unload the blade from the bag the last time she used it. Another cut, this time on the right third finger.

Another plaster.

11am: Wedding ceremony begins. A nod from the organiser from the far end of the church hall. Door closed. Audience on their feet, eagerly waiting for the bride with her lovely wedding dress and tail. Iriny sat before the YAMAHA grand piano, with two plasters on her fingers. She began to play the Wedding march.. starting with an octave F chord� it went alright in the beginning until the middle and the climax of the piece where her plastered fingers kept slipping from the flats and the sharps. Those inaccuracy stuck out like a sore thumb.

Next was the worship session and iriny continued playing the piano. This time, she removed her plaster from her fingers to save her fingers from slipping again. When she began playing, she regretted her decision. Due to the pressure on the fingers and the cut, of course, it started to bleed. Blood stain on the piano keys ! Well to give you an accurate picture, it was just minor stain, very slight stain, but it�s definitely red.

Well well.. what can Iriny say? She wiped and cleaned the piano keys after the wedding ceremony and had to comfort herself that it�s not that bad. The guests were concentrating on the bride instead of the wedding march.

Of course, don�t you agree?

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