Wednesday, 13 September 2006

diamonds and computer?

Have you ever link that together? Albert said diamond is like computer, there is always newere version, deceiving the consumer to buy, eg, latest cut or shape etc...

But, one difference is that a good diamond with perfect shape, clarity, cut stays forever.. and the same goes with marriage...

People leave marriage because they "feel" that their feelings and passion for each other has gone. Some people are falling in love with "the feeling- of- falling- in- love"rather than loving the partner as a person. They are chasing after that palpitation, flusing of the face when they meet the guy they fancy, that "heat" and "hit" . They expect to live in perpetual sunshine.To love and cherish only as long as honeymoon last. Then, when that is gone, they look for another partner, searching for those feelings again.It seems like a casual phenomena of divorce, single parent, child raised from single parent, or partner from the same sex.

Does that makes you think for a second? Whatever normal then is now old fashion? But is that right? I may be traditional and old-fashion. I still hold on to my view that a mum and a dad is crucial for a healthy family for the child, as role model. They need both, not the slogan of "either one is fine".

Coming back to my diamond and computer.. NO Latest trend and fashion is not always the better one. Sometimes it's an illusion. To end this, here is a quote by Vernon Ground, seminary president :

"Believe me, over 65 years of marriage, you don't stay on a plane of ecstasy all the time. Romance started for me as a blazing bonfire�you know, 'You light up my life.' After a few decades, it settled into something more like a heap of glowing coals. Sure, some of the heat dissipated, but coals are good, too: You can roast marshmallows, warm your feet. A different level of companionship opens up."

"I warm my feet by the fire."

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