Monday, 21 August 2006

No. 5

Met up with Sonia on Friday for dinner. Went to this restaurant whose name is actually its address, No. 5 Cavendish Square. Food is below average, I can cook better. Food aside, nice and quiet place to catch up and chat. She is a Malaysian and for once, she is reluctant to go home for good. During her undergrad years in London , she went home 3 times a year, Christmas, e aster and Summer. In other words, for once, she is not homesick and she wants to explore the world outside Malaysia. It�s interesting how our values change over time. The only unchanging fact is that the world is in a constant change. Like I told Rachel this morning, our life is one transition after another.

My friend circle in London is not huge, which I think that is the reason I miss home. KL is where I grew up with all wonderful memories. I am blessed to have close contact with my childhood friends, primary school friends, secondary school friends, college friends and uni friends. They are all in KL. I think of them so often.

BTW, I received the photos for the wedding dinner in KL. We all looked so happy, all my friends and I. I really miss those get-together. Am I imagining things. If I were in KL, will see them and spend time with them? Will everyone be so busy going through their life routine and will be too busy to meet up?

When Sonia leaves, I will have one less friend to share my secrets. I still feel foreign living in London. I haven�t met any female friends in London that i can share my secrets with or prayer partner as such. Interaction and relationships with another human beings is indeed a mystery and a chemistry. Friends that connect immediately, friends that you can be yourself , friends that you are always guessing what�s on their mind, friends that never open up to you despite donkey years of friendship etc�.I enjoy doing silly things with friends, chatting and laughing over anything and everything� but these moments have been rare in London� Life is quite serious here for me��I want to have fun ah !!!! I am still young wor !

Well well� I have to take it easy. Like my pastor said yesterday, it�s not about how many friends we have, it�s about you being a friend to others. I will have to put more thoughts into being a friend who feels lonely in London, especially students for overseas. Good I like mission�.

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