Monday, 14 August 2006

My home

Last Saturday, i had a dream. I dreamt of me having conversation with my close friends from KL. I woke up and was disheartened. It was merely a dream.

Today,in London, the weather displays the typical characteristic of "British weather" -grey, gloomy, wet, miserable...

I am here mainly because of my job. If i were to go home, my income will not be able to sustain my mortgage, if i were to buy a house in KL. Albert is not a registered pharmacist in Malaysia, hence he will not be able to work as a pharmacist, PLUS he doesn't understand Malay.

Well i guess i don't have to be physically presence in KL in order to maintain my friendship with my friends. Another possible explanation is both Albert and I have not been actively going out and have dinner with people during weekdays.

For now, i am living in-between. Look forward to go home next year... err... nine more months to go? My new annual leave start from April 07.

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