Tuesday, 1 August 2006

My cookies- 2

Following on the 2nd attempt of my baking cookies, chocolate cake and bread. Unfortunately, wasn�t that great. Cookies were better than the last time, but the first batch was burnt. I love crunchy cookies which I finally made it, but Albert prefer soft cookies, hence he likes the previous attempt.

Chocolate cake, well, it was a sache torte recipe, wasn�t that great. Reason was the chocolate that I bought wasn�t that great. It wasn�t bitter-sweet, as written in the recipe. PLUS, I made a big mistake this time (again), I used aluminium foil to line the baking tray, which I shouldn�t. Consequently, the cake took ages to be edible, the top part was burnt and texture was dry, but the bottom moist.

My bread had the same problem, because silly Irene, in her laziness, line the baking tray with aluminium foil.

Arggh, I hate it. I have no more guinea pigs. The bread and cake ended up in the bin. The cookies were alright, I had it for breakfast. Still, I need guinea pigs to eat my experimental products, but I�m afraid it�s a waste and they will go to our Waist.
Don�t think I will bake in the near future as I can�t think of anything that I crave for. Unless there is some yummy recipes around ...Any suggestions?

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