Thursday, 3 August 2006


I think being a pharmacist and working in hospital in the past has made me more na�ve and innocent (i was naive and innocent to begin with you see). I was never manipulated and everything I do was for the patient�s well being and benefit.

Things changed and my eyes are sharper now after joining this place. I have been warned that this is the �heart of politics�, as our budget is from the department of health. Well, the aim is still the same = patients well being but it�s no longer as straight forward. Everything is about dollars and cents, as my uncle put it. He told me that when I was younger but I didn�t believe money makes the world go round. I still believe money is not everything, but without money, I can�t do a lot. Even to help someone who is hungry and sick, I need money.

Money aside, back to my job.I deal mainly with doctors and I advised them to use the �best buy- value for money � drugs and when they do that, we pay them. Hence, we pay doctors for doing their job properly.

I just don�t understand the sinfulness of human beings. Sometime in May, I was being lenient with a doctor. He only started working on his audit one month before the deadline, and I compromised by approving him to pay for an external receptionist to help him with looking through patient notes. Every doctors get money for submitting the audit and the money could only be used for the purpose of improving premises or non-recurring staff cost. So this doctor will claim the wages under the category of non-recurring staff cost. Because of the deadline, out of 200 patients, he was only willing to do 50, plus Extra help, i.e. an external receptionist . So I agreed. Last week, I visited him again, reminded him that he has a piece of unfinished work. So I sat down with his assistant, narrowed the list to 27 patients. Then I left. Yesterday he rang my colleague (not me, he bypassed me for a reason of course) and appeal against my disapproval for him to hire the same receptionist to go through 27 patients. My colleague had a discussion with me. I argued my case. Her argument was I have nothing to disapprove as it is the doctor�s money by the end of the day. I agreed with her, BUT I argued my case that now the fact that I have Narrowed the list from 150 to 27 patients, with no tight deadline and it;�s manageable!! I argued like nobody�s business. I raised my voice, my heart was racing, i had palpitation, my voice trembled......etc...I just hate the fact that money-minded doctors who want money and no work and delegating to non-clinicians PLUS taking advantage of my kindness. My colleague and Albert said I shouldn�t compromise in the first place. I hate it when I am being bullied for my kindness. Yes I was and still na�ve and innocent. This doctor, thinking that by calling my colleague, instead of me, he will get what he wants. Thank God, my colleague told me that she will say NO to him.

You wouldn�t believe this, I was still thinking about this issue before I slept. Lying on the bed and my mind was thinking of all the words and response that I should give him today.

Well it�s end of today now, I didn�t speak to the doctor and I didn�t check with my colleague whether she replied him. Once I finishing writing, I will not let this issue affect my life.

Read the verse of the day : � But the LORD said to Samuel, "Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.�- 1 Samuel 16:7

No one can see the heart, everyone is nice on the surface�.. I will have reservation when I heard someone praising the other person � oh, he is nice..�.. I hold on to this one thing: �True friends are found in adversity�

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