Tuesday, 8 August 2006

the M word

the M word -> could be money, motivation, moron, moan, man, mood, muscular, or "Marah" malay word for angry

The M word that come to my mind today is MOTIVE.

We should always question ourselves of our motive in doing everything and in making every decision. Our motive is the only Motivation to move forward and to hang in there.

Kia meng always discussed this with me , "Does the means justify the ends?" Does it really matter what method you use to climb up the ladder? even at the expense of others?

Well, why this thought you ask? Again, the impulse of doing a second degree of medicine was awake this morning, after sometime of being dormant. 10 years later, when i finish all the necessary training, i am still in my mid 30s. Again, as always, i wasn't sure whether that is the path i want to follow. Then , i have to sit down and ask irene what's her motive. .......

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