Tuesday, 1 August 2006

Light .. from Child Helpline

Met a lady last Friday who volunteer herself every Thursday at a Child Helpline. She has gone through the counselling courses and now she is the listening ear to all the children who are abused, who dare not go home because of their fathers� perverse behaviour. I am SO ANGRY !!! Poor child� Their dad told them it�s secret, hence they couldn�t tell anyone, especially their mum. So , they call the Helpline.

One has to be strong to work here. On one hand, you can�t alert the police because it�s private and confidential, On the other, you are so desperate to help these helpless, innocent victims. She told me that all the counsellors can do is to steer them into the right action, but they can�t tell the children exactly what to do.

�This is the real world,� she said.

In my opinion, many people are suffering and crying for help. Some spend their time and energy thinking how to make themselves richer, how to invest.. while the majority is looking for emotional shelter.

Clark Kent, in Superman Return said this to Louise, (parapharasing) : � Can you hear anything? You wrote in your article saying the world doesn�t need Superman, the saviour. But I hear everything.. I hear people crying for help� "

People who spend all their life chasing after money, sex and power has closed their eyes and eyes to the outcry of the orphans, widows, abused victims. They choose to be blind and deaf to the reality of the world.

I expressed my interest in being trained and volunteering. I was very excited because I have the opportunity to help them. I felt alive! I felt that I am making contribution!!!

I shared my enthusiasm with Albert, but being very practical, he listed out the obstacles and potential difficulties to me. Language barrier , i.e. accent, esp over the phone, responsibilities of saying the wrong thing, emotionally attached and thus possibility of affecting my own emotional well being etc. At that moment, I have this picture of someone pouring water over the burning coal, or two words � Wet Blanket�. I don�t blame Albert, he was right. It�s just the difference in our personalities. I am those who gets excited and enthusiastic over new ideas etc.. optimistic� and he is one who sees the potential problems.

So, I am now quite hesitant to join the counselling training courses, still thinking about it.

Maybe........I will try and then I will know the answer whether i can handle it.

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