Monday, 7 August 2006

Er.. i can't remember what it's call..

I had a short weekend.. hence struggling to get out of bed this morning.. I hate Mondays !!!

I worked on Saturday as a pharmacy as a locum from 9 am to 7 pm, yes it was a long day i admit but it wasn't that bad. I enjoyed it when people come to the counter and show you their foot, or being stung by insects and ask me for recommendations.

The assistant wasn't doing his job either. One minute he was out, smoking, another minute he went out to buy things. I was so tempted to report his irresponsible behaviour to the pharmacy manager. Albert then advised me to give him another chance. I am just a locum any way. Alright, i believe in mercy and grace.

One customer showed me his forehead and he said it's fungus infection. He used a cream before, something sounds like "tetra", i showed him every possible cream on the shelf.. and he said " no, not this" " what about that" and in the end he pointed to a cream at a corner. I told him i mentioned to him before. He then asked me if he need a face cleanser. I said he doesn't need to waste any money. The cream will do.

It was a quiet Saturday, which was good for me. The last time i worked in another place, i was in such a bad mood and Albert was my "victim". Frustrated when patient come in and ran out of tablets, or the delivery man didn't deliver one item, i rummaged the whole pharmacy,trying to fund the prescription but most of the time it wasn't there. Sometimes i have to call the regular pharmacist, because a lot of the queries started in weekdays.I was embarassed to call the off-duty pharmacist, but sometimes i just can't help it. They are the only ones who really know the whole story. I hate it.. hate incomplete information and the customers just stare at you at the counter with their eyes while i frantically search for the regular pharmacist's number. Oh well.. part and parcel being a locum.

After that long day, i insist to go out for dinner, eventhough Albert offered to cook. The point is, it will be another at least 1 hour (if we are lucky) for Albert to finish cooking. So we went to this chinese restaurant called "Shanghai". Oh my goodness, that place was just awesome! I love the "feel". Reminds me so much of that award winning movie "In the Mood for Love". I even suggested to Albert that we should redesign our kitchen. Not only that, the food was good. Free appetiser, marinated chicken wings, my fav, then free fruits plus dessert: Yam tapoica, and it's cheap. We couldn't finish our roasted duck, so had a takeaway.

Though long hours of work, but i was greatly rewarded. Yum.. The way to Iriny's heart is through her Stomach *wink*

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