Wednesday, 2 August 2006


Ever since we came back from our honeymoon and wedding celebration, Albert and I have been feeding a lot on � THE BOX�. Series after series of HK drama and now Albert is hooked on his at least 150 episodes of Japanese cartoon. He said he grew up with it when he was in HK. For example, there was one night where he started watching at 11 pm and finished at 5 am. Last night, he took over the BOX and watched from 11 pm till 2 am and woke up as usual to go to work.

Well to be honest, lots of friends asked how�s married life. �Great !!! � � why?�

Let me tell you why
#1 : I don�t have to wash the dishes, Albert bought a dishwasher before we got married

#2: I don�t have to iron , as Albert never irons his shirt when he was single. No, he is not untidy , he just bought shirts that doesn�t need ironing, and he has this special trick where he hang his dirty shirt at a corner, and after washing, he hangs them on a hanger at the boiler room to dry them.

#3: I enjoy cooking anyway, and Albert is not too fuss with eating. Having said that, we did have a few ready made meals from Sainsbury and Tesco, especially BBQ ribs and chicken wings due to summer over here.

#4: I don�t have to clean. Our house is low maintenance, only need to vacuum from time to time.

So I am blessed for not having to do house chores. Well most of the Malaysians would have maid , but it�s different over here. It�s a lot of DIY here because labour cost a lot. �90 for the locksmith to come to your house to change the lock. �2000 if you want to renovate your kitchen or bathroom.

Coming back to the BOX, our version of the BOX is the laptop. We have been watching the laptop instead of TV. The BBC doesn�t appeal to us. That is our source of entertainment after work.

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