Tuesday, 15 August 2006

The art

People behave differently in order to survive in their own circumstances. Some choose to tolerate and suffer in silence, eg abused victim, some become violent and aggressive as a self-defense mechanism, ie they would rather shout at others rather than being shout at . I admire those who stand firm against the tide, those who have strong views and remain strong. I worked for 2 hours part-time last Saturday at a chemist. I met this lady, whom, in my opinion, makes a very good manageress. I shared stories from my workplace with her.

�You give them an inch, they want a mile� She summarised.

From the conversation, she advised me to be polite, yet firm. She has met customers in the past who were rude in the chemist. You know what she did? She actually asked the customer to leave the chemist and told them that she is not serving them ! �Wow� Sacrificing the business revenue ? No way ! some will shout.

Well, all I want to say is that I admire those who live by their own principle and stick to it, regardless of the threat. I hope I am one of those�..

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