Tuesday, 29 August 2006

amazed by how much i know A-Z drugs

Since i came back from my honeymoon in June, i have been working on Saturdays in pharmacies neaer my area. Well, extra pocket money and remind myself of the actual touch of tablets and capsules. I now work in the office and my knowledge of products used for minor illness like sweaty palm, funfal infection has gone rusty. Sometimes i work from 9-1pm and sometimes i work from 9-5pm.

Last saturday, the bank holiday weekend, i worked from 9-5pm. Not as bad as you imagine, it was rather quiet... I surfed the internet most of the time as there were not walk-in customers. I need to put away all the medication that was received by the wholesaler. There i was, putting away medication from A- Z... looking through shelves after shelves of tablets, syrup, cream, and inhalers. Suddenly it occurred to me that i know all these medication, right from A to Z. I was amazed at how much i know. I have forgotten about my capacity.

It's amazing how our thoughts can affect our vision and perspective. As chinese saying, just a difference in thoughts and it will determine whether you are in heaven or hell (paraphrasing it ).

It was a comforting thought.

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