Tuesday, 22 August 2006

�3.50 lunch

My church is in chinatown, hence we have lunch in chinatown every Sunday. Eventhough London chinatown is small, we have not tried each and every restaurant.We discover new place from time to time and the art of ordering the right dish at the right restaurant.

Last Sunday was unique. Albert and I went to lunch with a new group instead of our usual �buddy buddy group�. We went out with the mandarin speaking group, half of them from Taiwan and half of them from China. Poor Albert, he can understand mandarin but can�t speak. He was silent most of the time. Nevertheless, he has decided to sign up for evening classes at SOAS. He has often asked me to teach him.Well, the truth is, it�s hard to teach your friends/ loved ones. You will probably agree with me. Plus he will not receive an accredited certificate from me, and it probably won�t help him with his CV.

Back to lunch.... as usual, my mind was constantly thinking of questions to ask , to know them better. The lunch was good, big portion, �3.50 with soup and a fried egg on the dish. I had frog�s legs and albert had salt & pepper pork chop. His pork chop tasted more like garlic pork chop and my frog legs had too much soda bicarb in it. Having said that, considering �3.50, nothing to complain. I asked them about interesting places in Taiwan, the difference between north and south Taiwan etc,,,As a result of my conversation over lunch, I have a better understanding of politics in Taiwan and of course Taiwanese Food, and of course, built a bridge between me and them.

Well, I must say it�s not as comfortable going lunch with my usual group. But every change is not comfortable, which explains why some are resistant to change. Talking about change, Albert and I are different (obviously). I am always very optimistic to changes, or bias you might call it. I tend to see the good and the opportunities. Consequently, I may overlook the practicality and the logistic in implementing the change. Albert, on the other hand is very good at perceiving the possible barriers in implementation and less likely to see the good that the change may bring. After few arguments , I have learnt not to be annoyed by his comments when I share my enthusiasm. The reason being he is more down-to-earth and i hate to admit this, but he was right. There you go .. the ironies of a couple =)

Food and change aside, I was truly relieved on Sunday after the Sunday church service. I happened to be the translator for both the sermon and a missionary( translate from cantonese to mandarin and vice versa.) He is a british but speaks mandarin fluently. He shared with us his life in China, where he helped out in a local clinic, love and care for them, and share the Love of Christ with them. When we were singing worship song, I cried. The lyrics were along the lines of laying down our own agenda, offering our life as a living sacrifice to God, and pouring out our lives like Christ. Though the road ahead might be narrow and tough, we can say that it is for the love of Christ that we are willing to go through it. When the song was sung, it just touched my heart and all I could say to my heavenly father was � I am so weak and lost now, please please pick me up. God, please pick me up."

After that, the brother shared with us what he does in China, I was sure deep within that this is what I want to do. I would like to be a missionary doctor. At this point in time, this is my burden and this is my desire. I shared this burden with our cell group members and they prayed for me. Since then, I had so much peace and I was relieved.

To be honest, the road ahead of us is not clear. We are taking one step at a time and I must say , they are steps of faith. To pursue a medical degree is definitely not �comfortable� for us, that will mean a loss of income from my side, a lifetime commitment �a sacrifice... A comment that I make while sharing with my cell group members was that the decision to pursue medicine is even bigger than the decision I made in marrying Albert. Marriage was natural progression for us both, but not medicine.

Well, please pray for me . I will do my part and leave the rest in His hand. Only God knows where my path will lead.


  1. Patrick7:55 pm

    All the best with your medical degree decisions... God does guide...

  2. 1. Encouragement for Albert. Mandarin is not that hard! Da ge! Jia you!! (Big brother, add oil.)

    2. Medicine degree....... talk to you next time lah.

    God bless.


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