Wednesday, 16 August 2006

24 hours later

In the end, ... i feel better now... the same patient from this morning called and complained that his anti embolism stocking are not covered by NHS and it is ridiculous that he has to pay from his own pocket (since we are paying tax..etc).. but he was very understanding, he knows that i am just doing my job and it's the whole system...

and he guessed that i am a chinese.. with my chinese-malaysian english accent, without the La... obviously.. and apparently he spent a lot of time in China as he was in the fashion trade. We had a good talk... (non-work related of course..) and towards the end, he said it was nice talking to me... oh... me too.. i said..

"one day we will meet.. "

"sure, we shall meet for coffee(with Albert) " ...

aw... in the end, it's patient that made my day..

as i type, the weather out there has improved, blue sky and white clouds... how unpredictable our life is... treasure "blue skies" while it lasts...

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