Friday, 28 July 2006

What drives you? Vision? Do you have eyes to see

I wrote the above entry in the morning, and at noon, I had my monthly 1 to 1 with my manager, head of medicine management. Well, we went through the check list of GP performance and prescribing issue etc.. towards the end, he asked me how I felt about the job etc. I told him everything. I said I had no job satisfaction, coming to work is such a drag, I don�t have a vision bla bla etc.. He shared with me the element that drives him to work,eg appreciation from patient or GP, which he admit had decreased over the years. His motivation is being able to help patients� at a strategic level, implementing system and guidance. What frustrates him of course is the limited budget that National Health Service has, as healthcare and medication is free for all. Well, at least I told him that and towards the end of the discussion I said � I just need someone to open my eyes, � �We all need that.. � I told Albert about it, he replied � so you are asking for more work to come your way ? � I said to a certain extent, yeah�

The following afternoon, I visited a GP to review his prescribing habits. So I asked him to choose between job satisfaction or money. In his opinion, on one hand, you need to have enough money to cover your bills, mortgages and the basics. Once you have that threshold, you can then decided to go for more money and forget about job satisfaction, or less money and go for job satisfaction. Unfortunately, it�s not black and white. It�s grey.

My friend said I don�t have to work because Albert is working, and my cost of living doesn�t depends on my salary. Still, that doesn�t mean I have to stop working. Disillusion is the word. I just can�t see where I am heading in my career, it�s more like a ceiling effect. The comfort is, I am not the only one in my team who feels this way.

Any solution or conclusion at this moment? No� I am keeping my eyes open, always to alternatives.

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