Friday, 14 July 2006

A selection of photos

Dear friends,

i have spent endless hours sorting out my photos and i STILL haven't completed my mission. However, as friends are there to share my journey and the process not only my outcome and success, please at least reward my effort by going to this url and have a look.

As with those singers or actors who won an award, they always say thank you to those people who has supported and contributed to their success. In my case,

Credit goes to

  • my professional and talented photographer, my brother: JOSHUA TAN, Idees photo studio, Kepong, contact number: 019 266 3002
  • Make-up artist: My sister-in-law, Rachel, Idees photo studio
  • Hair-do and image consultant: My brother: Joshua Tan

and of course my loving and supportive family, including a 13month niece who suffered 13 hours flight to London to attend my wedding on 10th June 2006.

Thank you all !

1 comment:

  1. Nice one, congrats! Sorry I could not make your big day because of my family situation (as you know).

    All the best!



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