Friday, 21 July 2006

My cookies

What is the similarity between salt and sugar? What is the difference between salt and sugar. Silly irene, you will say.

Exactlly 7 days ago, and exactly this time, i was at home, mixing butter , eggs, salt, sugar in an attempt to bake #1 marble cake, #2: chocolate nutty cookies, #3: bread.

Let's start with something yummy :
#1: The bread was a lot easier than it sounds. I bought the ready mixed flour with yummy sunflower seed. All i needed to do was to add water and leave it at a warm place for 45 minutes untill it doubles its size. That was a success. Yummy. Crispy on the outside, soft on the in inside.

#2: Cookies... .. how shall i start..
As you know, butter is one of the main ingredient, so is sugar. After i mixed my sugar and butter, i tasted the mixture, because i didn't want my cookies to be too sweet. It tasted salty. The first thing that came into my mind: Did i buy the salted butter? I checked my butter, an dit was the right one. hmnn... ???

then, i opened my sugar container, dipped my finger into the whittish "sand" ... and it tasted salty !!!!!!! Arrgh!!! If you are my friend, i don't think it will be a surprise to you. I am known for being "blur sotong" in school.

So i threw away my mixture. I wasted 225g of butter and 200g of SALT. *hmmph*

As a result of that, i didn't have enough butter to bake my marble cake.

Back to my cookies, i mix it again, this time making sure i add sugar into it. Outcome:
cookies were tasty, but not crunchy, i think mainly because i added less sugar than the recipe thinking that the only role that sugar play in a cookie recipe is to sweeten. Albert told me the right amount of sugar makes the cookies crunchy. That is his hypothesis. Yet to try it out. My mum, the great chef, agreed as well.

7 days later, ie today, i am going to try out the same recipe,without making any "act-smart modificationi" to the recipe.

home time!

Please note: i have changed my header. Finally i know which part of the html template i should change. My favourite photo, taken by shan yee at brisbane.

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