Tuesday, 18 July 2006


Greed , as defined by :

An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth: �Many... attach to competition the stigma of selfish greed� (Henry Fawcett).

I have taken thousands and thousands of photos, both prior to my wedding and during my wedding.

I took my first pre-wedding shots in KL October 2005, then i took the second time in April after my days of milk-shakes ( e-mail me if you are interested, i have become the distributor ha ! ) and 45minutes on threadmill.

I had my first wedding celebration in London on June 10th, and my chinese wedding dinner same day in London,

then i had my wedding dinner in KL on the 24th of June.

Yesterday, my friend anthony gaved me the photos he took during our wedding dinner in London. I love his shots, good camera, good lens, he captured those precious moments.

YET, i am not satisfied. I am greedy, FOR photos.

Yesterday visited one of the doctors as part of my job. I convinced him to use the cheapest generic drugs for his patient, to save more money for the government. This is because healthcare and medication is almost free in UK. Having limited budget and resources, having spend 10 pounds more on this patient, would mean 10 pounds less to treat another patient.

Let me explain branded and generic. I will use the example of Gucci handbag and a handbag from other non-expensive make. Both handbags, but different brands and massive price difference.Same applies to medication. Everyone goes for Panadol when they have headache, not paracetamol. Panadol is the brand of the medication, paracetamol is the active ingredient that gives pain relief. In my case, cholesterol lowering drug has different brands, as the drug company want to make money from all their money used in research, they patent the drugs for a number of years. Hence, tablets S cost 4 pounds per box, but tablet A cost 18 pounds, 4 times more expensive. Both tablet S and tablet A lower cholesterol.

The best part is we pay the doctors for doing the right thing, ie prescriibe tablet S, to save money. Yeah, should have done medicine as my degree. Even with incentive, i have to convince him!!! All he was concern is how much money he could get from doing it. *sigh*

Money... money... nothing wrong being rich, as the ability to acquire wealth, via honest ways is a blessing from God. Only beware of the Greed and Love of money. If i spend my whole life earning money and use them to buy porche and 2 million-pounds worth of house, which i do not need, then i am wasting my life. My philosophy is, no matter how big is the house, i can only sleep on one bed and one toilet bowl. *grin*

anyway, being in UK, i still think there is a great unequal distribution of wealth. The national football team manager gets 5 million-a-year salary, where others have no roof over them!!! Argghhh !!!

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