Wednesday, 26 July 2006

Free? Sorry.. what did you say

Being brought up in KL and being taught by my dad, there is no free lunch or freebies. It can�t be real. Like Cantonese saying, by direct translation, � there won�t be a big toad leaping on the street."

I went to a department store after work on Monday, trying to use the wedding gift voucher that was given to me. Trust me, spending money in one department store on something that I am really fond of is NOT that easy. Eventually I didn�t buy anything. However, I am quite glad that I received a free knife, from the � World�s sharpest knife� range. It�s on promotion, of course you need to buy the knife at a discounted price, but all the audience who listened to that guy also receive a small knife, those that you use for cutting fruits. I felt that trip was quite fruitful.

Next, it�s this Buy One get one Free in tesco and Sainsbury. The first time I came here to study, I couldn�t believe there wasn�t any catch. True enough, it�s really buy one get one free.

Makes me ponder about Jesus and eternal life. Why do people not receive this love of God to mankind? Maybe it�s free and Jesus has paid the price for sin on the cross. We don�t have to do anything and it�s too easy. Surely it can�t be true?

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