Thursday, 13 July 2006


Pic1: the Groom was required to decorate himself with bras and accesorries, stocking etc... the men "defend" by asking the baby to do it... Nice Try!

Pic2: The Real BrA hero... The small price to pay for his wife..

Was in Newcastle for the past 2 days on training for my job. After lesson and dinner, I just sat on my bed and watch TV. Haven�t been watching UK TV programme for a long long time. Makes me ponder about the purpose of entertainment. I skipped over the news because it makes me sad and went over to funny comedy. So is life I think. This reminds me of the purpose of my blog. Recently I was tempted to only put in happy and wonderful moments and leave the sad part to myself. Hence, I have resumed my real diary writing, as in non-electronic, where I wrote about my life with its complication.

As for irony iriny, I will keep it light and cheerful.

My wants: I would like to own a computer which is powerful enough to run Adobe photoshop. My laptop graphic card is very weak, not for this purpose. After my wedding and honeymoon expenses, not willing to fork out �500 for a PC.. yet�.. can only long for it� longings keep me alive�


  1. dear irene, i think you should write what you feel on this blog, then at least we know how you are feeling and what you are going through.

    nobody expects that things are good all the time. we would like to share your bad times as well.

    hope you continue to blog like you used to.


  2. i am aiming for my apple laptop also :) hehee.....


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