Tuesday, 4 July 2006

Days without air-conditioners

Being brought up in a country like Malaysia, plus a capital like KL i cannot live without air-conditioners.

Being in an office without aair-conditioners in Malaysia will definitely be unacceptable.

Second week back in London, my desk, same old faces that i have to see everyday, same old expression i have to put on my face and always conscious of the importance of being politically correct... Not that i am a hypocrite.. just sometimes too lazy and tired to put on a smile and make "auntie conversations" like how are you, how was your weekend, you alright? etc... i still unsure of my own personality... split maybe ha ha

my floor is the hottest, only fans available, with temperature of 30 degree outdoor, not sure how much is it indoor.. can you imagine? Same goes to the temperature at home in London, been surviving on ONE fan, where we carry along with us to the study room, living room and of course bedroom...

I miss...... air-conditioners...

I wore trousers yesterday and i sweat in my pants... oh well, i thought, hmnnn so i wore skirt today... same thing... *shh* don't tell anyone...


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