Friday, 14 July 2006


"i am stressed.........."
"I bought you chocolate, this is my favourite, Godiva and it costs alot..., "
"why did you buy chocolate for me? "
"because it's my favourite, when i am stress, and it made me feel better"
"I don't eat chocolate"

communicating and expressing your concern is one thing, offering you solution , base on what you think best is one thing, accepting that your solution is the best for another party is definitely another issue.

Sometimes when i meant it well, she thinks i am insulting her
sometimes when i meant it well, it didn't come out right
sometimes when it came out right, message received wasn't the same as my intention

i offer a solution as an attempt of consolation, i was asked to leave her alone
sometimes i thought the best thing to do is to leave her alone, so that she has time to herself and clear her mind,she thinks i don't care or i am insensitive

Sometimes i walk away because i want to be alone, he thinks i am running away from problem and i don't want to face him
When i stop walking way, he walked away

hmnn.... i am great with obervations... ain't i?

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