Monday, 24 July 2006


To me, working is such a commitment.

A lot of people don�t realise they are more committed to work or money, than they are to any human relationships. As much as I �don�t feel like it� on certain days, I still have to go to work. Eventhough I am tired and sleepy, esp now, on a Monday morning, I still have to go to work. In the midst of any crisis, I still have to go to work. This is particularly relevant for me. I couldn�t sleep on Saturday night, probably due to the tea I drank at the Chinese restaurant, and woke up in the morning to attend church. Slept late last night, around 2 am, things get complicated especially when I am sharing a bed and I am a light sleeper, meaning I can�t sleep until albert is sleeping. I could barely open my eyes this morning, and I still feel like zombie right now. YET, I still have to drag myself to come to work PLUS I have to smile and greet others at workplace. ! Be it rain, or snowing, I still have to go to work.

Yes, you may argue that �sick leave� Is a way out. But it�s only transient. Like Waikea�s company, there is actually incentive for NOT taking sick leave. I heard stories where man sacrifice their time with their family for the sake of their job. �Oh, I can�t attend my son�s graduation because I am on business trip to US�. �Can�t you cancel it? � � Oh honey, it�s not as simple as it sounds. If I can close this deal, I will get promoted, and it will mean more money for our kids (pls note, it�s kidSSS) education to university.� Hence, the boy grew up without seeing his dad much, and consequently, not much sweet memories of the time spent with him and his dad.

My conclusion: We spend 1/3 of our life working, � for some, 1/3 on the bed sleeping, and only 1/3 for our own use, which has to be divided into friends, family, church, hobbies and not forgeting spending time with yourself.

Think about it !

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  1. i totally agree! that's why it's important to like your job. or at least enjoy something about your job. be it your colleague's, the working hours, the salary package etc. otherwise, we would dread waking up everyday, no?


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