Thursday, 29 June 2006

Thursday �Count down to HEAVEN?

It�s 10 am now, I left the house late this morning so I reached office at 930am. So I probably leave around 530 pm to 6 pm. So, 8 more hours to go. All these years of working, I have always been counting down till the time I leave workplace. What does it say about me and my work? To be honest, it seems that it�s the same no matter how many times I have changed my job and my work environment. I don�t enjoy my work and I am always looking out of the window, hoping to find my own path. Unfortunately, albert is the same. We are praying.

This ties in with what my faithful childhood friends, Irene Liau said to me when she prayed for me at my house prior to my wedding. She felt my heart was heavy and she asked me to remember my oath with my God. To be honest, I kind of remember, something along the lines that I will be in the frontline for building God�s kingdom. I don�t mind dying for the cause of Jesus, (which doesn�t mean that I am not afraid at the border of life an death, but I trust MY gOD is so much bigger than me ). The conclusion is : I can�t point my finger to something exact and clear. I am praying about it.. asking God to show me the way and the path I should go.
I am finding my way to return to God in my quiet times� days of doubt and not walking closely with God have left me very empty. No joy from within. My happiness were very short-lived.

Christians leaders have encouraged me to have child-like faith. A child believes whatever daddy says because she knows daddy loves her and will not harm her. I can�t stay at the pit forever, I need to be on my feet and walk closely with God. Pursuit of riches is a dangerous thing and I shall not fall into the temptation. It will suck you into it without you realising it. Things that are unseen are eternal� things that are seen are transient.

Phrase for today: GOD will make a way when there seems no wayI am thinking of : Violet and her baby, boon hing and hers, may and Isaac, Crystal and hers, Kwong Hie and her new born baby

English idiom i learnt: Storm in a tea cup, reinvent the wheel

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