Wednesday, 28 June 2006

Random Things about my wedding

� it doesn�t matter how long before you start your preparation, things are bound to go wrong

� Albert was very stressed about it and we argued almost everyday and I cried almost everyday. But it will not last

� Be thick skin like me and invite every single primary school friends, secondary school, unimates incld acquaintances. You will be surprise! I recall all my telephone conversation and the pain I took to get the contact numbers, stayed at home on weekends, calling friends in Malaysia from LONDON. Of course , there will be disappointments where friends that you really want them to be there couldn�t make it or FORGOTTEN (trust me, it happened to me) or can�t be bothered.

� Lessons I learnt : Focus on the big picture and the majority. Don�t let the minority absentees affect your joy and gratitude towards those who made it to your wedding

� I truly enjoyed catching up with friends, this wedding is like a channel that reconnect me to my long lost friends

� People say the wedding is about you and not others. Yes and No. Yes, it�s your wedding, you want to wear black go ahead and you choose a song from fifties go ahead. Plan and do whatever you like with the programme etc� No, it�s not only about you, by the end of the day, you want your guests to enjoy themselves so their happiness and their taste do become one of the factors in your decision making.

� To be honest I was a bit disheartened. I gave the best to both my guests, both in London and Malaysia , the best food, best invitation card etc� and I was disappointed that these effort were not appreciated. Again, albert reminded me to focus on the majority who enjoyed this important event in my life. So is life, I have to focus on the kindness, beauty, generosity, charity that still exists in the midst of sufferings, sickness and death. Everyday we are doing our bits to redeem this world, to sustain the God�s goodness and beauty in this world.

� I couldn�t help myself from thinking that this is my one and only wedding, but to others, it�s one of the many weddings they attend in life. I know, I am hopeless with my philosophies.

� I wish I am artistic myself, that will greatly help with the flower arrangements, designs, colour combination etc� but Thank God I have my brother Joshua and my sister-in-law Rachel. Joshua is my beloved and respected photographer who did all the hardwork, PLUS he decorated my house in London for the wedding and Bridal car (at 3 am early morning of the wedding in London) PLUS he did the hairstyling of myself, Albert�s , my bridesmaids , my mum , and my sister-in-law. Four photo albums are his masterpiece, endless hours on Photoshop, selecting the appropriate photos, designing them PLUS the actual photo taking session. Really hard work. IF I were his customer, I must say it�s really hard-earned money. So I must advertise for him here, if you want kids/children portrait or family portrait, call him at 019 266 3002. Idees photo Studio. If you want to be his business partner, let me know.

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