Monday, 26 June 2006

June 24th - the After-effect

I had a great time on June 24th, our wedding dinner at Concorde Hotel, KL. Unfortunately, no matter how simple a wedding is, it�s never simple. I made a big mess on the table allocation� as a lot of people didn�t turn up last minute.. without notice ! How could you.. I asked� My parents and I spent so much time calling, sending the invitation cards, confirmation calls etc� in the end, they didn�t turn up without notice! How irresponsible.. and I must say this applies to all groups, regardless of age. I don�t like it. Thank God I told the catering manager the day before that we will not be able to have 41 tables with 2 tables standby. We sticked to 38 tables plus 2. IN the end we had 39. Having said that, the catering manager said we could have squeezed people and reshuffle them into 37/38. I did notice few empty tables. We didn�t have enough helpers, and I left everything to my parents as I was busy with the wedding in London.

Nevertheless, I am grateful to those that made the effort and time to share my joy. I had a great time.

Like everything , I have to bid farewell to them. I cried after my parents and family and friends left me. I cried on the plane and I cried this morning. I am just so homesick. I miss them so much . .. a big part of me� and I am here .. abroad�. I miss my family and friends. I am sad�.
Back at my desk, in London.. working today.. everything resumed.. but not my heart. I need to move on and grow up.. but I am not ready.. I look forward to go back to my home next year�

Thank you for sharing my joy and please keep in touch�!


  1. we miss u too...can we have our photos posted in msn groups?

  2. Great you're back.Beautiful Mrs.

    It's always sad when we leave a part of our life behind. Hope you get better soon. There is more to come and much more to expect in life, and the afterwards.


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