Tuesday, 13 June 2006

June 10th

Had my wedding ceremony in London on june 10th 1 pm. As yue siew encouraged me again and again, it's worth it. All i could remember was a good mix of tiredness and joy of seeing all my friends coming together from all directions to share my joy: ex-colleagues, secondary school friends and church friends.

My lovely and sweet bridesmaid has kindly put up the the photos
mine will come later.. at HK airport now, checking in to Hokkaido, Japan in 1/2 hours time. My first experiece of sleeping over at the airport ! :P

be patience.. more to come :P

Thanks yue siew for all your caring ways !

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  1. Hiya, our beautiful bride. You were absolutely gorgeous on that day.

    You're welcome la... that's what friends are for. When it's my turn, you can give me all your advice from your experience!

    Looking forward to see the rest of the photos!


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