Wednesday, 24 May 2006

Wedding prep 3- Food !!

How can we leave this behind?The love of Food… the thing that unite me and Albert.. .. alright, one of the many factors.. La

we arranged a food tasting night with 3 other couples from the church who are getting married this year (Of course, plus many many many more couples in the world.. ) Nothing to shout about, catering finger food, which mostly include Sandwiches, british staple lunch ( yeah, I know it's sad ! ) ..but I want to go on and on about the hard work and stress I went through to feed 200 people. I came to a point where I said :look like it's not my party, I am organising a party to feed 200 people , keep them full and happy.It's for them, not for myself.

Many many months ago, we tried to look for a caterer because we are having the buffet in church in the afternoon. Unlike Malaysia, where everything is done for you in a package, it's different over here. We couldn't find anyone .. and that was in February. I was unhappy and stressed,.. so my housemate who is very keen to cook said she is willing to help. However, we have a problem, few problems I mean. Our wedding co-ordinator, who is very experienced suggested only cold food because there is insufficient time to heat up all the food on that morning with the kitchen in the church. I personally prefer hot food, but due to circumstances.

Second reason, my friend who is great in cooking, is not a professional caterer, hence not able to transport all the food on the actual day, PLUS the fridge in the church is not huge.. imagine.. food for 200 people with 10 dishes.So we prayed that God will send people our way. The british caterer is not an option, the food is not great, and being Chinese, I don't think my guests will enjoy them.

God is never late, He is always ON time.. finally few days ago, Sammie introduced me to a Malaysian chef who owns two Chinese restaurant who is willing to cook for us, the most important bonus: he can deliver all the food on that actual day. We ordered prawns, thai salad, spare ribs, fried mee hun, fried fish balls.... the idea is to keep it light yet enough.. wedding ceremony starts at 1 pm.. waiting for his quotation. As for my housemate, she will be preparing Sushi and agar-agar and maybe chicken wings. I have three caterers now, samosa, vegetable spring rolls and kebab from Indian caterer for the vegetarians, main dishes from the Malaysian caterer and sushi from my housemates.

It sounds very last minute.. but trust me, it wasn't last minute.. it's hard to find caterer who caters yummy food in London plus the logistic of transportation.

How I wish I can feed 200 people with 5 loaves and 2 fishes....hmnn...miracles...

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