Thursday, 18 May 2006

Wedding Prep 2-Invitation Card

Well.. following up on the invitation Card..from my previous post, guess what? After all that, we didn’t have to reprint . Recap from last story, the invitation card had a preposition error : request the honour of your presence TO our wedding ceremony, instead of AT, second eror was the time, it was 11am, but we wanted 12noon. That was when we were in KL.

Now that we are back in London, we met with our wedding co-ordinator, which commented that 11 am will leave no time for the groom to pick up the bride from the house, incld. all the “torture” and laughter . Hence, we decided we should have it at 1pm. Wa la.. after all that, we decided to use our wedding invitation card, with a negligible preposition mistake on it. So, there is no need to reprint and spend money.

There you go… talk about wedding stress.. oops… wrong word, challenges i mean *grin*

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