Thursday, 18 May 2006

Precious Moments

Albert always reminded me that we have to capture the moments.This very moment.. so precious, once it's gone, it's gone.

As i prepared for my wedding and invite my friends, well i attempt to invite ALL my friends whom i knew since 3 years old... a lot of memories flooded my mind.. all those moments of laughter, doing silly things, playing basketball, and even shouting at each other...
That is the reason why i keep a blog, to capture all those moments into words and photos.. and Karen has put it nicely in her own words " Going through the motions of carving out the essence of the moment, crafting it into words & pictures and sharing it with other..."

At this moment, i feel connected. Connected when i write on the blog,connected when all my Primary school friends, SRJK(c) Chung Kwok as Sui yee put it, connects with me via e-mail. In the midst of preparing for this wedding, i discover more about myself, i enjoy being in fellowship with others, i don't mind the hard work of staying in touch with friends.

Friends are hard to come by, especially friends who know you and accept the way you are.

God has been very generous with me and i am eternally grateful.

Thank you for sharing all those moments with me. Seow Yan who has introduced blogger to me in the year of 2001 and since have been reading it and others who has been encouraging me... wai kea, yue siew, rachel, kaye.. thank you..


  1. Anonymous4:43 am

    The art of Thanksgiving
    the art of Attention!

    Keep winning, my other buddy!!! God is just a prayer away! :)

  2. Haha, generous people also receive enormously. Enjoy this precious moment. And thank you for sharing with us so we (at least I) feel included in your happiness.

  3. Hehe, don't mention it... :) The pleasure is all mine... reading your blog all these years! :)


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