Tuesday, 16 May 2006

Japan HOO-Ha

Surpise surprise ! I did a search on and there is such word as hoo- ha . Well well, another juicy story from me ..

Albert and I decided to go to Japan, Hokkaido to be exact for our honeymoon, so we have joined a tour packages from KL . We thought by joining the tour we can truly relax and in the hope of less disagreement of course. So I happily told my friends we are going to j.a.p.a.n with a big grin on my face.

Then, it transpired that they have not gather enough people to organise the trip! They can only have this trip when there is at least 15 people on the tour, and so far, they only have 4, including us !!! plus more exclamation mark !!!!

They can only confirm with us on the 27th of May.

Hmnn, not bad not bad, exactly what I wanted for my honeymoon … to be honest, we haven’t come up with a contingency plan yet. My mum asked me to pray hard. I will just leave it into God’s hand. I know He is good all the time. I am not bothered by it. I just need to think of a second destination, maybe Kota Kinabalu with Air Asia? Will I get a good deal?

We will see, will keep you posted.

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