Tuesday, 2 May 2006

Dead Meat

Ever wondered how much can happen within 24 hours? Well hit me straight on the 29th of April, in KL when I arrived from Sydney.

6am: We arrived at 5 am at KLIA, was about to buy the KLIA express train to sentral, RM 70 for two, then I thought taking a taxi home for up to RM 100 is still reasonable, send us straight to my doorstep. Wanted to take the limousine, long queue, stepped out and a man waved and offered us… He was dressed in coat and a name tag, well, he has the official license to cari makan in KLIA, so I trusted him, told him my location and he offered RM 80. Good deal, so I agreed.

Followed him to arrival, still thinking that he was bringing us to his car or taxi, only to realise that he waved at the taxi driver at the arrival place. First driver, he told him my location, he refused. Second driver, agreed. Pitched black , 6 am. Taxi driver paid the man in coat some money. After 20 minutes in the taxi, the taxi driver asked me where in KL do I want to go. I asked him what does he mean by that? He answered: puduraya or bukit bintang. I told him my exact location. He was surprised, he said that man only told him KL, but didn’t tell my house location at all. I panicked ! Still dark, in the middle of highway.. what if he is ruthless and decided to dump me and Albert halfway ? I offered him RM 100. He kept quiet.

He then drove us via cheras highway. I asked him the reason. He said he will go to federal highway, then via jalan kuching. That is so far! I told him off and asked him to go via 1 utama, kepong then my house. He sensed that I was afraid , he asked me to look at his registration number. He kept on complain that the route that I suggested was very far. I had to be watchful throughout the whole journey. I couldn’t relax at all. I regretted my decision. I one thing I hate about KL is deception.

7am : we reached home. I wanted to swallow my word to give him RM 80, since he didn’t know how to go to my house and acted as if he knows! The correct route was via SG buloh. Albert said give him Rm 100 anyway. He looked surprise and smiled. Told my mum about it and she asked me to take the express to sentral straight away. Albert wasn’t happy and we had slight argument. He wasn’t happy that I changed my mind at the point of buying KLIA Express ticket and he assumed that I have taken the taxi before. To me, the price is still reasonable, but I just hated the deception!!!

First Conflict and tension between me and Albert.

Had breakfast, and went to have a nap

2pm: Woke up, at lunch, Albert would like to have a look at twin tower. Alright, took my car license, started my mum’s car and left the house. In less than 5 minutes, *Bang* at the junction near my house, I drove into, yes I drove into a car which was parked on the left hand side of the main road. I turned left at the junction and knocked the car . To begin with, I didn’t place my “stirling” lock properly, it was stucked on my left foot and I decided to put it in place with my left foot, not realising that I wasn’t looking at the road *duh*. I just knocked that car and well… I was shaking. Another disaster of the day. Called my parent, they came. Two kids and one adult in the car. Note: the car wasn’t moving at all.

Loss of confidence, and loss of money. Drove to a garange at Taman Ehsan, get the price quoted and paid RM 350 for the victim. My mum’s car, need another few hundred ringgit. Left signal light gone, and major dent.

Albert wasn't happy as he was on the passenger seat and i hit the car on the left...

*Sigh* Speechless… stayed at home for the rest of the day .. too much to take in for a day, especially when I just stepped into KL. Well, i thought that is it.. how much more "Unexpected not-so-good thing can happen within 24 hours?... hmnn The best is yet to come...

10pm : Received 200 invitation card which was printed on the same day, meant for us to bring it back to London .. then.... only to realise that there is error on the invitation card. Albert was Very unhappy... that was an error on the preposition which read like this: we would like to request the honour of your presence To our wedding blah blah,,, which was meant to me AT...
Albert thought i changed it.. as prior to this, we had a discussion whether it should be at or to... we agreed to AT. He thought i was the one who made the changes, but the truth was, my mum changed it because the KL invitation card was TO ... a wedding dinner.. my mum didn;t realise she made changes on the London invitation card to...

outcome: Major tension between us.. i personally dont think we need to reprint the whole thing which will cost another RM 600...

The best is yet to come... Sunday morning 9 am...

will continue tomorrow

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