Wednesday, 3 May 2006

Contidnue from Dead Meat

The best that yet to happen is the following morning, woke up.. then i was told not to have any second opinion and just follow whatever Albert has decide about the discussion of wedding invitation card with the photographer. I wasn't happy, i showed my face. Then, conversation started.... then... i lost my temper... when i was blamed that i was the one who made the mistake , who changed the "at" to "to" ... i just lost it.. i raised my voice, and i cried.. and i talked, and i cried at the same time... the conversation continued.. before i knew it... the fire was burning between us...i was very upset... i was very sad... AGAIN... it's all my fault.. i hate that feeling.. of not doing the "SHOULD HAVE" ... I HATE IT... as if i was the only cause when things happen... i don't like being the scapegoat... and i hate getting blamed... Another thing that irritates me between our interaction is he will ask me to make a decision, i speak my mind and he will follow my decision because he thinks by doing so he is showing his love towards me, eventhough he doesn't like or agree with my decision. Then when the consequences of my decision turned out nasty, he will say that the decision is not right. Eventhough he didn't blame me (according to him), i get upset because to me, it's impossible to separate me from the decision that i make. How can he comment on the decision that i make without giving me the impression that he is blaming me? According to him, he is only referring to the decision , not me. To me, they mean the same. In the end, i also lost my temper and said don't ever ask me to make decision anymore. I hate making decision anyway, being the youngest in the family, i don't have to make a lot of decision. I am definitely not good at making them anyway... and most of the time i regret my decision. All of this came in .. that morning... and.... *BOOM*.... volcano...

i walked away... told him that i needed to be alone....

i went away and reflect... it's all part of journey... learning .. man and woman.. totally different creature... that explain the bible.. two becoming one.. really a lesson for the whole life.. unity? two different creature being united? I, for a start, has plenty to learn.

Conclusion: i shall not speak when i am angry, i should just keep my big mouth shut... whenever i speak when i am angry, i will get emotional, and i will cry and i will trigger and provoke the listener...

Let my words be few... and speak when i am in my right mind... la

Outcome: we discover another major error in our 200 wedding invitation card: not only is the preposition , but the time!!!! so in the end, we corrected everything and painfully had to pay for the printing cost..
WEDDING.. i only want to go through it once.. no more second time please.. :P

What an eventful 24 hours in KL..

outcome: i am sick now, with fever and sore throat.. too much to take in for my body too !


  1. O dear, it sounds like you two had an intensive marriage course in one day!

    Am praying for you and Albert. It's hard to be together but it's worthy.

    Keep smiling...Indeed, the best is yet to come.

  2. Poor Irene! I think you're just too stressed about starting work again :p. But your situation sounded a bit like my mum and dad's! :p yes - they say men are from mars, women are from venus - totally different ways of thinking. But we should also cherish the differences. *Big Hug*


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