Friday, 12 May 2006

Circle of Happiness

I thought of this in the bus..
Image this cycle :The first starts with one person being unhappy-> then he heard a good news of his friend, pregnant, married, met someone special, won a lottery etc-> he is very happy for his friend====> end product : He is =) happy + PLUS his friends felt that he shared his joy, He too become happier than he was when he was at the beginning of the cycle

does it make sense?
Conclusion : to me, i am happied when i am sharing other people's joy... like what adrian said, when he helped out in his friends wedding, he told the bridegroom that he enjoys his wedding much more than his own.

I am very happy for Violet , wai kea and Ai wei... =) i am excited for them, much more than my own wedding.. ha ha

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  1. Thanks a lot, Irene! It's a bit strange to see my name on your blog but I feel really blessed that you are sharing my happiness.

    Likewise, I'm very excited about your wedding! You try to be also la, ok? :)



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