Wednesday, 19 April 2006

oh yeah? you heard all about it?

was in blue mountains over the easter weekend for christian easter conference, title: Now and then, heaven, holiness and hope.
I can't write well, with all the lovely description of scenery, but one thing for sure, i am reminded that it's totally a different experience to experience anything for yourself, i can surf the internet on blue mountains, heard and read all about it, but all these is nothing compared to seeing it for myself, to breathe the air there, to capture it for myself.

I feel human beings are so finite and small compared to the greatness and the mystery of God;s creation, the mountains, the sky, the tress, the waterfall.. i stand in awe, my God is the Almighty and He is indeed worthy of all praise.
I stand in awe in God's presence, let my words be few.

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