Wednesday, 12 April 2006

down under

i am here.. in sydney, arrived on April's fool day, tired and sleepy. We are staying with our friend,Dr. Lam and his lovely kids, Christopher and Joshua, very well behaved kids, thanks to Growing family international , a parenting course that starts from 0 till 18 years of age. I shared with him that it's hard work raising kids, but he said that it is rewarding if they are brought up appropriately.
Kids aside, weather is great here, after being in UK for few years, days with sunshine become treasure to me. Fruits are great, big, juicy, crunchy and sweet apple, wow... ( and yes, i have been deprived). People are nice, school boys are quiet and no longer intimidate me like those in UK.

enjoying every second while it last... i hate the thought of working and facing my colleagues in London.. *argh* don't wake me up

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